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Add this language immediately below: We love and care about our food and it shows in the quality and presentation you receive.  We only provide what we would want to serve ourselves, family and friends.

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Our Story


Growing up in Maryland, seafood was an essential part of every memorable event. Whether a casual gathering or celebrating a special occasion, some of our fondest memories involve family and great seafood. We want to help create new memories for you by bringing a piece of our home to Wake Forest and the Triangle through our food. We aim to please by bringing convenient, fresh, high-quality seafood to your event and family table. 


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Tempura Bite

Shrimp: The Perfect Protein for Your Next Meal

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Sweet On Scallops

By Bracy Dutton

April - May - June 2022

"Shrimply" Delicious

By Bracy Dutton

July - August - September 2022

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